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Own Awesome

“Own Awesome is a blog bursting with light, love & pure awesome.”

Nerdette Kristalina Steininger had a goal in mind when she built Own Awesome… “I wanted to have fun and create a space for my vision, which is ever evolving. I love being inspired and needed to be a part of it!”

What is Own Awesome?

Owning your inner awesome & listening to yourself. We all need those reminders and Own Awesome is a space to gather your worthy!

We like to look at Own Awesome as a place to see the new & open up to more beauty and grace allowing it all to flow free.

Why it works…

The things in life we focus on become bigger. This is why we align the positive and offer another view sanctioning us all to see more magnificence.

Become a part of the Awesome!

Own Awesome offers a weekly blog along with a “Daily Awesome” (because everyone needs a daily dose of awesome); “Eye Candy” & the “Co-Op”.

Join the “Co-Op” & plant a seed… We are always looking to share a new voice! If you’re an artist, blogger, or just super awesome we would love to hear from you: email Co-Op@OwnAwesome.com and say hello.


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