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Our Health Co-op – Are We Crazy or What?

We started our business 10 years ago because we saw a lot of people (young, old, or somewhere in the middle) who needed quality vitamins and supplements who just couldn’t afford them.

So… we had the brilliant idea that we’d form a sort of free-to-join Co-op where we could learn what supplements people really needed and then find a way to get those products made affordably, but with impeccable quality.

People Told Us We Were Nuts
Seriously… we had numerous business consultants tell us our business model wasn’t sustainable. “You can’t have quality and affordability,” they said.

Well… that was 10 years ago. And now, with tens of thousands of customers (who like to call themselves “members”) from every state in the U.S. (and dozens of countries), we’re happy to celebrate the fact that the so-called “experts” were wrong. Cause we’re still here… ensuring quality and great prices!

Our Customers Tell Us What Products to Develop
With a product catalog of over 100 different nutritional supplements (many of which were specially formulated by integrative physicians), what we’re most proud of is that our customers have been the drivers behind many of our new products each year. They count on us to listen to them, but then to research, test and make sure that what we release works, is safe, and affordable.

We also have real people who answer our phones and know many of our customers by name (some call that old-fashioned service – we say it’s just the way we do things).

So… we’d love to have you join us. We feel we can offer you the best of two worlds (quality and price) and, we can also provide service second to none. Oh… and did we mention that a cat writes our weekly newsletters? Well that’s an entirely different story for another time.

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