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Hi! I’m Bri Saussy and the sacred arts are my vocation. Milagro Roots is my home on the web, sacred space, and spiritual goods boutique where I read tarot cards, astrology charts, & whatever else comes my way while dishing it with Spirit and listening to the Faeries.

I write about magic, ritual, & mythic arts. I teach courses on folk magic & walking closer to the Divine. I light blessed candles & create custom rituals and ceremonies for the most amazing people – my clients – its the best work ever. I believe that life is blessed & should feel pretty awesome most of the time.

I know that you are a miracle, I’m sure that death is not too far from any of us so let’s stop wasting time and focus on what matters already! I live in San Antonio, Texas-the Alamo!-with my beautiful son and amazing, beloved, and really brilliant husband. My garden is my sanctuary where I grow plants for ritual and culinary creations. I love being outside & barefoot, and I live for faerie-tales.

Right now is an exciting time for anyone who has been drawn to intuitive or magical arts but unsure how or where to take the next step. I firmly believe that as we move forward we are going to make like our ancestors and rediscover how to bring magical and intuitive practices back into our everyday lives-where they belong. You can learn more about my work by checking out my virtual sanctuary and signing up for my free bi-monthly newsletter that is full of lunar lore and an easy ritual to help you get your devotion on!
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