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Creating a Thriving Artistic Life

The only cure for the Artist is to create.

Denying who you are, suppressing the needs of your spirit, withholding creativity, action, will cause yourself to suffer in vain.

When you embrace your true creative spirit & share your gifts with the world – you thrive – on and off the page.

Hi! I’m Stephey Baker, and I believe you deserve to thrive as an artist. I want to help you create a life of happiness, clarity and imagination. I want you to be a Thriving Artist and live the life calling from within!

I invite you to join me and meet other like hearted Artists seeking to create + live their best lives.

In Creating a Thriving Artistic Life you will learn:

• The Power of vision for creating and manifesting your dreams.
• How to heal past hurts and move forward into a positive and inspired life.
• To embrace Joy and Gratitude for everything that surrounds you, and to channel these emotions into your art and your life.
• To unlock secret inspirations and hidden meanings in everyday objects and events.
• How to harness your Creative Power every day.
• To see magic and beauty in everything, even when you least expect it.
• To find wisdom in your own experiences and use your life to bring joy to others.
• How to Awaken the spirit within you and live with your whole heart.
• And, most important of all, you’ll learn to accept and believe in yourself.

It’s a spiritual + creative journey with writing and visual prompts for you to engage + share with me and classmates. I’d be honored to connect with you in our private community! Seating is limited so make sure to register today (do so and save $70.00 – a gift of Kindness exclusively for KOM)

*Seats are all ready filling so make sure you don’t miss out and connect to an inspiring group!

Learn more here or email with questions.

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Heaps of gratitude & love for sponsoring KOM Stephey!


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