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Mama Merit Badges

Mama Merit Badges was started as a response to the dearth of authentic recognition for the very hard work of mothering. Overly sentimentalized depictions of motherhood belie the actual daily duties that alternately feel like drudgery, brave political acts, and absurd performance art. This irreverent award system invites public dialogue about and visual recognition for the unpaid and often ignored labor that is parenting.

The badges are 1½ inches, iron on, and 100% embroidery. They can be worn on your diaper bag, purse, tote, jacket, jeans, scarf or baby carrier. Stick them on your wall, fridge or bulletin board. They make a wonderful shower or blessingway gift. Present one to a friend after a mama-roic episode. Use them when journaling or scrapbooking about your life as a mother. Each badge come individually packaged with a description of the badge included.

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