Sponsor Love: Make Art that Sells!

Learn how to make art that sells, directly from someone who has sold art for products worth over $100 million!
Representing 38 artists internationally, Lilla Rogers is one of the world’s top illustration agents, and for the first time ever she is sharing three decades’ worth of knowledge and experience through a pioneering new online experience – Make Art That Sells. This is an extraordinary opportunity to get direct access to one of the world’s leading art agents, and take your work from ‘good’ to ‘great’, or ‘great’ to ‘super-lucrative’. Lilla Rogers knows what is hot now, what is on the horizon, and where your work fits in.

It includes in depth insight into the most lucrative markets for art, expert advice from the people who buy art, and the opportunity to hear real time critique with Lilla while the class is live.

Serious about your art career? Then join us. 

Make Art That Sells begins on March 31. 


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