Sponsor Love : Love Letters Aren’t Just For Lovers

The Love Letters Aren’t Just For Lovers e-class

Is it time to clear some room in that big heart of yours?

The Love Letters Aren’t Just For Lovers e-class will gently guide you through writing seven weeks of brand new, personal, heart-expanding letters. They are your letters — the letters that you want to write and need to write. They may be joyful, angry, silly, slow, short, saucy, sad, ridiculous… they just need to be sincere.

It’s true… love letters aren’t just for lovers! They’re for best friends, baristas and bus drivers; they’re for childhood bedrooms, neighborhood cats and morning coffee. For deceased grandparents. For Norway. They’re for whatever moves the blood through your body.

Throughout the class, you will receive themes, starting points, love letter examples, writing tips, and tools to help brainstorm who you might want to write to. At the end of the class — if you wish — you can post one of your letters on the online “Love Letter Garden” where your letter will shine for 3 months, inspiring anyone who comes by.

Another project brought to you with love by Firefly Creative Writing.


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