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Lee Ann Monat is a photographer, cook, and writer who uses her life experiences as fuel and inspiration. She began “The Lion’s Share” after her 30th birthday trip to Scotland in 2008. It combines all her creative interests and allows her to share what she loves with others. Using cooking and travel as creative outlets for the senses, “The Lion’s Share” serves as a public diary and photo-journal of one woman’s search for herself and her dreams. Lee Ann hopes that sharing her journey in her unique way might inspire her readers to follow their bliss as well.

Lee Ann began her journey in New York City while studying advertising design at The Fashion Institute of Technology from 1996-2000. She quickly discovered that the Ad agency world was not for her, and she ended up working at TV Guide Magazine in the Art Production department. That turned into an 11 year journey during which she created her website and nurtured her growing love of travel.

All roads led to bliss (even the tough ones).

While working in the corporate world she discovered a better way…becoming involved in Reiki studies and herbal medicine. She has become a level 3 reiki healer and completed a three year herbal as a result.

Where is she now? Currently, Lee Ann is in the process of following her big dream! She has quit her day job, given up her Queens apartment and has run off to volunteer as an Abbey Kitchen assistant on the Island of Iona, in Scotland. She dreams of expanding her website and blog (The Lion’s Share) into a successful business incorporating all her talents…photography, food and community being huge elements. It is also her dream to create an actual retreat space (other than the virtual) for people on the search for their bliss. She will be continuing to write about her journey on The Lion’s Share and would love to see you there!

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