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Kids Word Drop

Why is there a videogame ad on this page? Because Amanda (thank you, Amanda) believed in the project I was working on and decided to donate a little to help fund the creation of the game.

In thanksgiving, I decided to return the favor and write a nice thank-you note to Amanda and everyone who supports (and contributes) to what she does.

Not everything you do will be able to produce fruit in your lifetime, sometimes seeds take years to germinate and grow.

This game is the fruit of many hours of coding, testing, re-coding and hard work. Luckily, I was able to finish the game and release it for kids of all ages to enjoy (and maybe some parents).

If you have a kindle, you can download the game here. If you use twitter, you can follow me here.

Never forget that the smallest of deeds can be more important than big ones. With that, here is the story of the Lion and The Mouse:

–Shawn McCullough


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