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Hi, I’m Katie McClain! I’m trained and certified as a life coach, but what I really care about is showing others how to love and accept themselves. You can call me a “self-love facilitator”.

Are you like me? Is your mind a very busy and very powerful place? I’m someone who sometimes has a love-hate relationship with my thoughts. I can make powerful and amazing things happen in my life and I bet you do too. But, sometimes (thankfully a lot less than it used to) my mind goes on a bender of self doubt, self-flagellation and downright crummy thinking that keeps me stuck and not getting what I want in life. Does this happen to you? Over the years, I’ve learned to manage my thoughts intentionally. With this skill my life has become extraordinary and I love showing others how to create amazing results in their lives too. I use thought work and lots of other tools to help you love and accept yourself. It’s amazing how creative you become when you get rid of crummy thoughts!

My newest class, Love Yourself…Lose the Weight is beginning January 17th, 2012. It’s a mini-soul journey for women who want to love themselves more and lose weight in the process! This is what happened for me. I loved and accepted myself and using the tools I teach, easily dropped excess weight. This is a tele-class with private forum and custom guidebook to facilitate more love and acceptance of yourself. Make 2012 the year of YOU!

I also provide one-on-one coaching. I’d love to meet you a few steps ahead of where you are right now and metaphorically take your hand. I’ll guide you to find the answers you’ve been looking for. You already know, but sometimes it takes the help of a coach to see. See the answers that are underneath all the crummy, self-defeating thoughts that your brain sends you with it’s intentions of keeping you “safe”. You know there has to be more so you can be happy. I’d love to fearlessly lead you to the doorway of the MAGNIFICENCE in you that you haven’t yet found.

Do you have a sense of your AMAZING-NESS, but maybe you can’t access it? My joy in life is to help you find it.

My intuition, deep insights and GIANT LOVE that I bring create a cozy space for you to REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE so you can step forward into the land of SELF-LOVE and MAGICAL results.

With love and magic,
Katie McClain


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