Sponsor Love : Invincible Summer with Jess Morrow

Invincible Summer
with Jess Morrow

Do you burn with a passion for words? Do you have a message for the world—something you have to say, words just waiting for birth?

My name is Jess Morrow, and I created Invincible Summer for you.

I believe that we all have stories to tell, and that we all have deeply genuine ways of telling them. And I am on a mission to help writers like you move out of silence and into sound and freedom.

At Invincible Summer, I’m on a mission to help women find, curate, and polish their voices through writing and creative, right-brained activities. I believe that writing comes from our deepest intuitive hearts: from places in us that work on levels beyond logic and move our art to newer and greater heights.

Through individualized coaching and editing services, e-courses and innovative products and e-books, I work to help women who’ve been silenced to take on the life-changing journey of exploring self through writing.

My latest offering will convert the Invincible Summer e-course into a full out digital, multimedia package that offers the original e-course materials for self-study. This new e-book is scheduled for release today!

I invite you to visit Invincible Summer and find yourself, authentically, truthfully, and soulfully. Nobody else writes like you, and nobody ever will. Let’s honor that together.

Connect: @jessica_morrow + Facebook


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