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Hidden in Paris

by Corine Gantz

Hello and bonjour!

My name is Corine Gantz and I am the author of Hidden in Paris, a novel about friendship, love, and trust set in the City of Light.

As we sometimes do when our heart is broken, Annie has a hard time recovering. She isn’t sure whether the exterior world is friend or foe (she is an American woman living in France.) For self-protection has turned into a hermit and loses herself in cooking traditional French comfort food and taking care of a beautiful house in the heart of Paris she can no longer afford.

To save her house from bankruptcy, Annie has no choice but to rent out rooms: a catch 22 when you consider her social anxiety. She knows that the moment she literally opens her house’s doors to strangers, she figuratively must open herself to all kinds of feelings she tries hard to keep under the rug, jealousy, envy, mistrust, fear, resentment, selfishness…

Of course the people who enter her life bring exactly the kind of chaos she wanted to avoid… which happens to be precisely what she needs to experience in order to heal. What she has not anticipated, with the arrival of those strangers into her life, is that good emotions come pouring in as well: friendship, trust, thankfulness, empathy… and soon even love. But those feelings can be every bit as scary!

Hidden in Paris is a book that readers of Kind Over Matter would enjoy because it is above all a story about opening one’s heart. It’s also a story about personal growth, and we all know that growth can happen even as we resist it kicking and screaming.

Set in one of the most romantic cities on Earth, Hidden in Paris is fast paced, very romantic, at times funny and at times sad. The novel is getting great reviews and is selling well, but the best part are the wonderful emails I receive. I wanted to give back in some ways because of the outpouring of support from my readers so I decided to write a cookbook with all the recipes in Hidden in Paris and give it away. The cookbook will have gorgeous pictures (if I may say so myself since they were taken by moi after months of struggle teaching myself food photography:-) You can sign up for the cookbook here!

If you want to get a sense of who I am, my Franco-American sense of humor (if there is such a thing) and sample my writing, you can also check out my blog Hidden in France.

I hope you will read Hidden in Paris and have a great time doing so. It’s only $4.99 on the kindle and nook. The paperback can also be purchased via Amazon and Barnes and Nobles for $13.99. Click here to visit Amazon!

Merci all!



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