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by Gypsy Achong, founder of Gift A Feast

Some Moms are happy with a Hallmark card, an FTD floral arrangement, or a box of See’s Candies for Mother’s Day. But I don’t have one of those Moms, and neither do most of my friends. Our Moms are foodies, travelers, volunteers, and philanthropists. They’re joining senior hula hoop troupes and building houses for Habitat for Humanity.

If you, too, have an uncommon Mom, we’ve got some gift ideas for you.


For Moms who fancy themselves foodies and appreciate a good pampering, we recommend Gift A Feast. For about the same price as a respectable bouquet of flowers, you can please even the most finicky foodie with A Feast of Sweets for Mom.

Hand­Wrapped Gourmet Food Gift Boxes from GiftAFeast.com

This gourmet Mother’s Day gift box is packed with candied fruit, small ­batch toffee, and gourmet truffles from artisan producers in the San Francisco Bay Area. For $59.95 plus shipping and handling, Mom can indulge her discerning sweet tooth with June Taylor’s candied Ruby Red Grapefruit peel, Toffee Talk almond toffee, Kalamansi lime truffles and Lychee Rose Green Tea truffles by Jade Chocolates, and a Neo Cocoa Signature gift box containing five kinds of truffles hand-­made with almond butter & smoked sea salt, zested lime, toasted coconut, mocha cinnamon, and crushed cacao nib. Each Gift A Feast gift box is lovingly hand­-wrapped in elegant paper and ribbon, and has a hand-­written note tucked inside. And until May 8, 1% of all Gift a Feast sales will be contributed to Red Cross, in honor of Moms everywhere.

What Mom will find inside Gift a Feast’s Feast of Sweets for Mom.

We’d like to say the Feast of Sweets for Mom will last longer than flowers, but we can’t make any promises. It really depends on Mom.


If Mom’s favorite family photos include tents, trees, and hiking trails, she’ll be thrilled to receive a subscription to Cairn, a monthly outdoor discovery kit.

Monthly Outdoor Gear Subscription from GetCairn.com

For $25/month (you decide how many months), Mom will get a box delivered to her doorstep that is filled with a different stash of useful stuff every month: stuff like water bottles and headlamps, hiking socks and gloves, trail snacks and drink mixes, first aid kits and fire starters, sunscreen and insect repellent. The contents always add up to more than $25 in value, and they’re often new products that haven’t yet hit the market. Mom can earn points for reviewing the gear, and use those points to reward herself with a free box, or to share Cairn with a friend.


If your Mom loves a good craft cocktail but isn’t the type to hang out in bars, Merchants of Beverage may be her new best friend. The curator of hand­picked wines, spirits, and Champagne has created a handful of Mother’s Day cocktail kits that will help Mom drink better at home.

DIY Cocktail Kits, Delivered, from MerchantsOfBeverage.com

The Mama­mosa Brunch Cocktail Kit ($115) includes a bottle of Pure Elderflower liqueur, a bottle of Bortolomiol sparkling rosé, a bottle of Aperol, and a cocktail recipe card telling her exactly how to make it. Other Mom­ friendly cocktail kits include the $130 Spirit Works Martini and G&T Cocktail Kit (gin and vodka from Spirit Works, Dolin Vermouth, and tonic syrup from Small Hands Foods), the $165 Spirited Women: Women of the Spirits World kit (SIA Scotch, Michter’s Sour Mash Whiskey, Koval Single Barrel Whiskey) and the $200 Trip to Europe kit (Phillipe Gonet Brut, Muller­-Catoir Mandelgarten Riesling Spatlese 2013, Barbaresco Vie Erte 2010).

Note: Ice spheres aren’t included, but Mom can make her own if you buy her a Whiskey Ball.


If your Mom truly believes that it is more blessed to give than to receive, a donation to a worthy cause will warm her heart. Just imagine how proud she’ll be to know she raised a responsible, upstanding member of the community who gives back, and gives her credit for it. We like
charities that make a little bit go a long way, and we’ve identified two that uncommon Moms would be pleased to support.

Heifer International is an international charity with a “Pass It On” model that provides agricultural animals to families who agree to pass on the first female offspring of their livestock to another family. Donors “shop” from a gift catalog that allows them to purchase a flock of ducks ($20), honeybees ($30), a sheep or goat ($120), a llama ($150), a water buffalo ($250) or a heifer ($500) for a family living in any of the 30+ countries where Heifer works.

Invest in livestock ­ and prosperity ­ for families in 30+ countries via Heifer.org

Moms who knit will be honored to provide someone with a Knitters Gift Basket ($48/share, $480/basket) which includes a llama, an alpaca, a sheep, and an Angora rabbit. This furry menagerie provides wool for sweaters, scarves and blankets to keep the family warm and to sell in the market, and the llama and sheep also give milk that nourishes the entire family. Other gifts are designed to empower women, to meet basic needs, or establish sustainable farming in poverty ­stricken areas. For instance, $365 will launch a small business, and $300 will provide clean water for an entire village.

If Mom is a teacher or librarian, or just loves to read, she’ll appreciate a donation to Room to Read on her behalf. The San Francisco­ based charity works with local communities in ten countries to provide libraries, books, and education for school children, particularly girls.

Promote literacy and girl power with RoomtoRead.org

In addition to publishing illustrated children’s books in local languages, Room to Read trains teachers, establishes libraries, and works with girls to develop essential life skills and increase support for girls’ education among parents, school staff, and communities. Since launching in
2000, Room to Read has built almost 2,000 schools, established more than 17,000 libraries, and distributed more than 15 million books, benefiting 9.7 million children. The 501(c)(3) organization has been awarded the Charity Navigator 4­ star rating for 8 years in a row, due to their transparency and the fact that 83 cents of every dollar donated is spent on programs, rather than administrative costs. This means Mom can fill a library shelf with books for your $25 donation, buy a bicycle for a girl to get to school for $50, and pay for a year of girls’ education for $250.

We hope this round-­up of Mother’s Day gift ideas makes it easier to shop for your uncommon Mom.

Happy Mother’s Day!


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