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Get Motivated With Marion is “All About Changing Lives”. I became a coach because of my love for helping others. Changing my thoughts changed my life; I love sharing even in hopes of helping one individual. Watching my clients transform is just as fulfilling as if I were doing it myself.

I’ve been in service for years & I’m approaching life & career from a different perspective/mindset. I’ve learned so many life lessons; losing/gaining weight, transitions, job loss, divorce, & losing my parents to name a few. My dad was truly one of my best friends. During his last 4 years we both experienced tremendous growth. I taught him how to use a computer at 80 years old and was in constant contact throughout the day. I realized anyone can change at any age & through this experience and his passing I gained more patience, compassion & sympathy.
During this time, I gained weight & am now working my way back to my healthy self; it’s humbling as a coach & personal trainer. It’s a blessing I was chosen to be in service to others to help create better lives.

If you’ve been thinking about coaching & you’re not sure contact me &/or ask yourself some simple questions. Are you ready to?

Lose weight

Tap into your authentic self

Take it to the next level

Create a vision to reach your dreams & desires

Change your thoughts towards the job loss, divorce, grief

Create more abundance

If you answered yes to even one of these questions you are ready!

You will find that Coaching helps you discover a level of awareness that will guide you in all areas of your life. I also do intuitive coaching with oracle cards, if desired.

Take the first step. Call 845-596-2990
or connect:

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