Sponsor Love : A Gathering of Soulsisters

I don’t know about you, but I miss being part of a tribe—a big, supportive group of people who are all moving in the same direction together.

Tribes make sure everyone gets fed (physically, emotionally, and spiritually.)

Tribes give us a place to call home in the midst of a large and busy world.

Tribes have elders and peers who teach us what we need to adventure out on our own.

Tribes are the places where our creativity lives—in craft, and song, and story.

I firmly believe that little list of tribal goodness is essential to a life ripe with meaning and beauty. And we aren’t going to figure out how to do it if we don’t begin to gather.

Friend, what I want to tell you is this. I think you need this tribe. And I know the tribe needs you. So I’m inviting you, right now, to join us at the Soul Sisters retreat, October 25-27th.

I believe so strongly in the power of tribe, that I’ve spent the past 3 months preparing for a time when we can gather, learn, and laugh together. I started by gathering up a group of stellar colleagues – from artists to coaches to storytellers—so you’ll have the help you need to refresh and grow.

Inspiring artists like Kelly Rae Roberts. Relatable writers and photographers like Vivienne McMaster, Darrah Parker, Jenna McGuiggan, and Liz Lamoreux. Coaches on the cutting edge, such as hunger specialist Rachel Cole, and joy aficionado Molly Mahar. And spiritual teachers like Bridget Pilloud bringing you Chakra Love, and me with my new favorite lessons on the place where soulcare and worldcare meet.

And to top it all off, I found such a fun place to gather! McMenamin’s Edgefield – a reclaimed farm turned lodge, winery, and brewhouse. (Not to mention the giant hot pool at the spa. Did I mention the spa?)

We’re investing in supporting new tribe, my co-conspirators and I.
Are you ready to invest in one too?

Let’s build a tribe that gathers in person with teachers and artists who can fill you up and spur you on.

Let’s build a tribe that parts, but stays connected on-line for support, resource sharing, and celebration.

Let’s build a tribe that supports your life, rather than taking it over with commitments and obligations.

Let’s build a tribe that sends you off a little richer than when you first arrived.

We can do this, you and I.
We can make friends.
We can create circles.
We can build tribes.

Click here to start.


Rachelle Mee-Chapman is a natural collector with an eye for practices that help you build a life of meaning and beauty. She works from her little yellow studio in Seattle where she writes and throws parties. You can join her online at Flock, or find her at Magpie-Girl: Care for Creative Souls. (But mostly she just wants to meet you.)


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