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The Seven Laws of Conscious Money

Hi, my name is Mindy Crary, and I want to live in a world where money doesn’t have to be a struggle. Or be confusing. Or create so much conflict between loved ones that you hate to even bring it up. Or be the thing that stands between you and being the person you’re supposed to be in this world. Because we need you.

It bums me out to see people more concerned about what they DO with their money than how they THINK about it. Or working off the always-difficult premise: “if I make X, then all will be well in my world.” I’m tired of seeing people disconnected from their money and what it can do for them. Or people waiting for everything to be “perfect” before they can enjoy their money (and life).

I want you to have the ability to become aware of your deepest thoughts about money, so you can change them. I want you to see how attracting wealth is about how you show up in all areas of your life, and how the money you have (or don’t have) is intimately connected to all of your choices, not only your “money” ones.

I want to show you how to:

• Lose your fear about the struggle, the stress or whatever money symptoms you currently have

• Raise your money competence from where ever you’re starting from

• Blend the practical tools of money with the spiritual ones

• Feel connected to your money (so you don’t unintentionally drive it away)

…so that once and for all, your consciousness around money works FOR you. Once and for all, you understand how to get more money and KEEP more money. And realize it all doesn’t have to be so hard.

I’ve created a FREE CALL: The Seven Laws of Conscious Money. This is a map to your money psyche and a way for you to start thinking about the different ways you interact with not only money, but how you show up in the world. This call is going to bring a new awareness to your relationship with money, and give you specific tactics to implement so that you can immediately improve your relationship with money—and once you do that, you tend to start getting more of it!

Right now, I want you to claim a spot on this call that will be at 5:30 pm Pacific, Monday, March 18th (even if you can’t make the call live, I’ll be sending out the recording). Click HERE to claim your spot on the call.

It all begins MONDAY, MARCH 18, 2013 at 5:30 pm P.S.T. Hope to see you there so we can money vibe together, and start getting everyone some good money jujube!

With all my love…

Mindy Crary, MBA, CFP®
Money Coach, Animal Lover, Pinterest Addict

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