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Come Home To Writing
by Firefly Creative Writing

Do you ever ask yourself why you don’t write more? Do you find yourself avoiding the blank page, even though you LOVE it when you get there? Do you long for an easier connection to your creative flow?

In this class we’ll gently pull back the layers of procrastination and fear to explore how we can “come home” to our flow, our stories, our strengths and our next steps as people who love to write.

I firmly believe that we all have a creative home inside of us, but no one path towards it will work for everyone. Through small writing assignments, research and discussion, each participant will be invited to a deeper understanding of their creative home, and how they can naturally spend more time there.

This workshop is for anyone who longs to write more, and is ready to begin.


Firefly Creative Writing is a bustling little home business in Toronto, Ontario, offering creative writing workshops, retreat, e-classes and coaching.

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