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The Healing Truth Sanctuary

I am proud to announce the opening of The Healing Truth Sanctuary a creative online membership community for women healing from childhood wounds. As a survivor and now a Life and Healing Coach, opening this space has been a 7 year old dream that has morphed and blossomed into something heart and art centered. After the early years of healing, I longed for something more. I longed for a vibrant, colorful, loving and safe space to bring my story of pain and my emerging steps into the fullness of my being. I longed for a place I could be creative and share my healing. I wanted a place I could come in when I needed to and pull back when I needed to as well, a place where I could go on a journey with other sisters on the healing path. A place where the body was welcomed, my spiritual connection was not ignored and my mind was nurtured and challenged in love.

The Healing Truth Sanctuary is this place I dreamed of for me and now I lovingly offer it to any woman who has felt pain in her childhood. I consider a childhood wound as any event or series of events that altered the way we look at ourselves and/or the world. Divorce, neglect, loss of a parent, abuse of any kind, any childhood trauma, be it one time or thirty, it is welcome in the sanctuary.

This is how it works:

I will be offering monthly coaching and art videos (you do not need to be an artist!), writing and body centered exercises, on the spot coaching and a community of support. (I am very hands on.) All of which is included in your affordable membership fee of $40 for the whole year. I am also offering e-courses throughout the year for those who want to go deeper: Truth Project I: Uncovering your Truth, Truth Project II: Healing your Truth, The Inner Child Healing Adventure and Reclaiming our Bodies I. Members only pay $35 for my e-courses. They all have an art and writing component as well as a body awareness practice.

If you are really concerned about privacy, you can also sign up with a pseudonym. It is your choice in how you participate. Participate in ways that feel comfortable to you. You have the option of just downloading the materials and doing them on your own. There is no obligation to participate in the community and share your work, even though I think being in community can really help heal our shame and beliefs around being supported and held. This is a space where you can be free to be yourself and be exactly where you are and it is honored.

I so look forward to our journey together. The details, videos, levels etc are here and you can contact me at sgagos@aol.com to register. Please specify what level you would prefer. Keep healing and growing and be willing to risk loving and healing your beautiful self. You are so worth it.

Stephanie Gagos

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