Sponsor Love : The Find Your Eye: Journey of Fascination eCourse with Kat Sloma

The Find Your Eye: Journey of Fascination eCourse
with Kat Sloma

Photography, for me, is meditation, expression and revelation.
It’s a way to express my feelings, a way to process what’s going on around me, and a way to be in the moment. I pause to observe details in the greater world and photograph them, and I work to create the same feeling of “pause” in my photography-based art. I seek anything that stops thought for a moment, allowing the world to be perceived in a different way.

Photography, for me, is about connection to heart instead of head.
It is a way to see my true self reflected through the world around me.
It can be the same for you.
Whether you realize it or not, who you are is reflected in the photographs you take. Where you choose to point your camera, your point of view, and your presentation are aspects of personal expression. If you want to create photographs that are uniquely you, that speak to your heart, it is essential to discover your personal motivations and find your sources of inspiration.

I want you to find this deep connection from lens to heart.
It’s not as daunting as it sounds.
I can help you figure it out.
The Find Your Eye: Journey of Fascination eCourse pulls from my own creative journey to help you along yours. In this five-week eCourse, you learn two tools, the Photojournal and Inspiration File, and use them through prompts and exercises to enhance your personal expression and creative connection to your art. Along this journey you begin to see yourself in your photographs, and discover connections to heart as well.

The journey starts September 8.
Click HERE to join me.


Kat Sloma is a photographer, writer and teacher who believes we all have a unique vision of the world to share through our art. Through her blog, eCourses and on-location workshops, Kat provides resources to help you experience life more deeply through creative photography. You can find her on the Web, Flickr, Twitter and Facebook.


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