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Erena DiGonis
Certified Health Coach

Hello Kind Over Matter Community, My name is Erena!

The professional me: I am a licensed psychotherapist and certified health coach working with women (and some men) to help them to lose and maintain their weight and heal their stories around body image, self esteem, and their relationship with food. I use a non-diet approach and draw from my experience and training in psychotherapy, food psychology, mindfulness, and holistic nutrition.

The real me: I was an only child in a single mother household for 12 years until the most exciting and long awaited birth of my sister. The problem was that she was critically ill and not expected to live. Through many agonies and uncertainties, she continued to overcome each obstacle and I learned at this young age, both the uncertainty and magnificence of our existence. If I lost my way, my hope, my faith, her fight to live put me exactly where I needed to be. With all that cannot be changed in life, I have devoted myself to what can be and I am committed to reaching out and guiding those that have also lost their way.

I am not immune from the impact of insomnia, anxiety, sugar cravings, yo-yo diets, and our perpetual quest for the seemingly illusive life/work/love/food/happiness/spirit balance.

Without judgment and with my genuine support, your desires and best intentions can be achieved.

The commitment is so simple. Let it happen. Begin the journey and amaze yourself with what you will learn, feel, discover and become!

Special Offer: Let’s set up a free 20 minute consultation. Email me at info@ErenaDigonis.com to contact me.

To Connect: You check out my daily posts on Facebook or visit me on my website.


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