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The Energy Shop
Lisa Jacobs is the owner of the Energy Shop on Etsy. She creates jewelry designed to remind people of their best intentions, increase their spiritual awareness, and enhance their positive outlook on Life.

Each piece of jewelry at the Energy Shop is composed of gemstones. Natural gemstones are of the Earth and are said to carry spiritual meaning, like crystals. It is an ancient idea; in fact, most of our beliefs about gemstones can be traced back to 4500 BCE Egypt. The traditions moved through Greece and spread around the world with the times, and all along, gems and crystals were revered for their decorative, healing, and protective properties.

Before each piece ships, it is smudged—which is the proper way of cleansing gemstones and crystals. Smudging is a Native American tradition that involves burning white sage. The white sage is said to release any negative energy on the material (object, person, or room), which is released and recycled back to positive. The white sage smudge then brings forth the positive ions and activates them–bringing alive the material’s best ideals.

All this and more goes into each order at the Energy Shop. ? Buy Unique. Buy Quality. Buy Energy Shop: Jewelry Designed to Fit Your Dreams. ©

Kind Over Matter readers are invited to shop with a 15% discount off your first order. At check-out, please use coupon code: kindovermatter to enjoy the sale. As always, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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