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the premiere Live it to the Full eCourse

Started in June of 2011 by Amy Blum, Aleece Langford and Christen Olivarez, Live it to the Full was born through the inspired desire of each founder to seek out community through art. A twist of fate brought Amy together with Aleece in November and then Christen in February at life changing art retreats and from there our vision was born.

Our mission is to create a place of refuge for people seeking a new way of processing through a transitional period in their life and to foster new ways of looking at age old dilemmas through art, photography and storytelling. We seek to provide quality material and qualified instructors at an affordable price and an accessible portal.

Join us in August 2011 for Emerge, our premiere, four-week, online workshop led by Liz Lamoreux, Jennifer (Jenna) McGuiggan, & Vivienne McMaster. Through writing, photography, and mindfulness practices, we’ll explore the ebb and flow of happiness, the unique power of telling your story, and the beautiful yet precarious process of learning to trust yourself. See what happens when you allow your true self to emerge through creativity.

Class price is $49 and includes daily posts and weekly activities in mindfulness practices, storytelling and photography to explore your own Emergence.

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