Sponsor Love : Digital Dreams Art Course

Hello, I am Tam. I am a mixed media and digital artist, illustrator and online art teacher. I am just about to launch my first ever Digital Art Course (exciting!) in which I am teaching people the basics of Photoshop and then gradually the ability to create their own beautiful digital art. I have also run several other online art courses which were all mixed media based. I sell those courses now on DVD. I also sell original art, prints of my art work and other items like pocket mirrors and art dolls. I hope you’ll come check out my ning site where you can take many of my art courses: willowing.ning.com. I live in Brighton UK with my beautiful child Dylan and magical husband Andy. I like avocados, messy hair and pink bubblegum. 🙂 More of my work can be found over here: willowing.org and my Etsy shop can be found here: willowing.etsy.com – Hugs!

Heaps of gratitude & love for sponsoring KOM Tam!


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