Sponsor Love : The Deepening with Catherine Just

What happens when you love, every day?
You become a ravishing Lover.

What happens when you move, every day?
Your life is swept into motion.

What happens when you see & appreciate the sacred, every day?
You begin The Deepening.

You are invited to step into The Deepening.

It is a 4-week process that begins on August 18th.

: You will be given a spiritual assignment, every Sunday. You will be encouraged to complete it by the following Sunday. However …

: There will be no pop quizzes, no deadlines, no standing appointments, no dates & times to plug into your calendar. Just timely reminders & thoughtful propositions. Take what you need. Leave all the rest.

: You will create photographs ( using any camera you have including your phone if that works best for you ) to become more aware of the abundance around you, building a sacred portfolio of your world.

: You will explore themes of connection, perception, generosity & Greatness.

: You will connect with the moments that matter, and loosen your grip on the minutia that … doesn’t.

I created The Deepening because I needed it, still need it, and will always need it.

I need all of the lessons that are taught in The Deepening. I need space. I need rest.

I need (my version of) God. I need proof that it’s OK to be still, drop offline, work less, and feel more.

I need to move my body. I need to make art.

The practices & reminders contained in The Deepening are essential for my daily well being.

I need to share them, with you.

Create a Sacred Portfolio of your life.

Click HERE to join us !

Catherine Just

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