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Hi, my name is Sunni (pronounced “sunny”), and I am an artist, poet, web designer and writer/creator of TheDailyBreadcrumb.com – where I share a bit of all these things, along with my musings on life, loving, and unconditional kindness. It is there that I offer my free: The Clue’s In The Crumb Guidebook — a tool designed like a field-guide for life, helping you to pick up those next pieces so you can love your whole-self, live your whole-truth, and BE the freedom that you are.

I am also a person — just like you. And like many people, I once was a person who hurt — a lot. I hurt until the pain got just bad enough for me to wake up. And when I woke up — whoa nelly — love swept in and blew the lid off my life. I was touched by a sweetness and strength that I cannot describe to you with words, but oh how I love trying anyway. 🙂 That sweetness rushed in, and emptied me out, so I could be full again, and whole again. It left me with a joy and reverence for life that is so big, and vast, that it cannot be touched with fingers — words or thoughts. This sweetness didn’t take me away from life, it didn’t blast me off into some astral dimension, it didn’t float me out into the cosmos – away from the pain of the world, it rooted me in my humanity, it gifted me a bottomless compassion, and it made my heart a wide open space.

I write to share that space with you. I make art to share that space with you. I listen to share that space with you. Everything I do, I do to share that space with you. Because that space is you, and that space is me, and in that sharing we remember the truth of who we are. We are the pieces, you and me — the pieces of the whole. When we come together — magic happens.

Every nuance of your being compliments this world perfectly. Your path is a plan, not a mistake. And like a trail of breadcrumbs from the Universe, every piece on your path calls you closer to home. Home to that space at the center of you. I created The Daily Breadcrumb to help you pick up those pieces, I created it to help ME pick up those pieces, so we can bring those pieces together, and set the whole world free. One little piece, and “person”, at a time. 🙂

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