Sponsor Love : Cypress Sun Jewelry

Cypress Sun Jewelry

Timeless. Elegant. Inspiring & Inspired.

Made by hand.

Fine sterling silver, gemstones and select Czech glass are delicately combined to create Cypress Sun Jewelry.

The soulful intricacies of these creations continually fascinate and flatter the wearer. They tell a story with intentional color and balance, conveying hints of ancient wisdom and modern lines.

As the maker, Amy Friend, I wholeheartedly enjoy each step of the process.

Although design is integral, inspiration flows in from the joy expressed by the lovely women who find themselves perfectly adorned and sparkling in Cypress Sun Jewelry.

As a full time mother to one amazing three year old, I know the power of remembering and embracing beauty and spark each day.

Cypress Sun creations are simply my way of inviting you, amazingly beautiful you, to enliven your experience. Know your essence, and let it shine.

Really shine.

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Heaps of gratitude & love for sponsoring KOM Amy!


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