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a Creative Faerie Year

a Creative Faerie Year eClub is a gentle and mindful guide to awakening, discovering and living your spiritual truth as a beautiful spark of light in the Divine Heart.

My name is Dyan and I’m a visionary artist who creates paintings that inspire, heal and open our hearts to Love through the channel of our innate innocence and child-like spirit. My own creative path which took me from Communications Specialist to a light- bringer on her purpose has been filled with miracles, magic and wonderful synchronicities. I’ve grown and expanded in my relationship with All That Is through spiritual creativity and connection with nature.

We are all love-filled and infinitely creative beings, regardless of what form our art takes. Furthermore I’ve come to believe that the greatest form of our art so to speak is the cultivation of our unique essence in service to others and the world. I call this cultivation Illumined Creation™.

A Creative Faerie Year will guide you in doing just that. It’s a process of gently unearthing your inner truth and spark with support from Sprit. Nature will be our playground as we evolve each month on an effortless journey of inner transformation. You’ll be motivated to stay on track with this process of transformation with a monthly guide delivered to your inbox over the course of a year.

At the end of our creative year together you will find that you have:

? Deepened your creative connection with the Divine as an expression of Love

? Been guided through a natural creative rhythm

? Stayed on track with the process due to the consistent pace (a new download tailored to each month!)

? Gotten to know the faeries a little more

You can learn more about a Creative Year and this magical journey at my website WhereAvaDreams.

KOM Readers receive $10 off my upcoming Uncover Your HeartSpark class when they register using the code: KOM LOVE by November 2, 2012.

Connect at WhereAvaDreams.com and Twitter.


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