Sponsor Love : The Creative Explorer’s Club

The Creative Explorer’s Club

The Creative Explorer’s Club is a playground of creative inspiration!

Take an interactive journey of self-discovery and artful self-expression where you can explore your creative process through the healing power of art using symbols, words and images and learn how to develop a regular and sustainable creative practice by developing systems and rituals to manage your time and activities. Oh – and of course you’ll have lots of fun along the way also.

As a member of The Creative Explorer’s Club you’ll:

* Discover your artful and creative nature through lessons and tutorials using my favorite mixed media techniques and using my philosophy of “slow work” – working slowly and thoughtfully and with attention

* Learn how to create a vision for your year that makes space for creativity on a regular and consistent basis

* Explore a little deeper how your creativity is interconnected with your spiritual nature

* Connect with other Creative Explorers on the same path

* Get support along the way

For full details please visit The Creative Explorer’s Club!


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