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Over the past 4 years, everything in my life has changed greatly. In 2007, I was counting my second year of living in Paris, finishing graduate school, traveling around Europe, in love with a sexy Turkish man, and thought This Dream Life was all coming together perfectly.

Until it all crumbled, ended, fell apart at the sole (soul) of my Zara high heels. And all I could do was…surrender (ugh, the tears & questions!).

After a big ride through light, dark, love and hope, Conscious|Cool|Chic is my new introspective outlet for this *fresh* moment & place in time where everything is possible…again.

The regular soul-level offerings include reflective essays & musings… inspiring thoughts…travel stories…affirmations…books…energy & astrological messages…conscious-seeking people… and of course, pretty things! Travel Tuesdays spotlights fabulous locales – Paris, Prague & Amsterdam are up! Every Thursday is Soul Growth Adventures where an inspiring conscious-seeker answers a “big life question.” You’ll feel the heart connection with these souls, big time.

I’m ecstatic to share that in the past year my heart has found a bigger love and a bigger dream to follow. And I’ve never been more ready to be vulnerable, courageous, and inspired again. Can you relate at all? Then let’s follow this path together over at Conscious|Cool|Chic.

We are brand new on Facebook and could use some Like love if you have some to spare!

Hope to see you (and your heart) soon!


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