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Build Your Biz + Blog With Love
by Julie Parker of Beautiful You

Life and Business Coach Julie Parker of Beautiful You works with clients from all over the world helping them to find their real beauty, true work and beautiful lives. She is a full time entrepreneur and believes that self-love is the vital ingredient to having a life and business that thrives with spirit, energy and abundance.

Julie’s latest digital guide ‘Build Your Biz + Blog With Love’ has contributions from some incredibly soulful and successful entrepreneurs including Alexandra Franzen on ‘Investing in Yourself’, Tara Gentile on ‘Self-Love and Money’, Christine Kane on ‘Making Sales not Suck’, Jessica Ainscough on ‘Coping with Criticism’ and Rachel W Cole on ‘Creating a Magical Web Presence.’

A guide designed to inspire you to learn more about how self-love can positively influence your branding, communication, public speaking skills, self-promotion, selling and ability to create financial abundance, ‘Build Your Biz + Blog With Love’ is for any business owner or blogger who wants to harness more of their personal power and use it to create a more successful and abundant life for themselves.

The guide is

– Over 90 delicious pages long

– Filled with practical and real life success stories, advice and tips on how to create a self-loving life, business and blog

– Beautifully type-set and photographed AND

– Pay what you want! Yes – pay what you want!

Julie wanted this divine guide to reach into the heart and hands of as many people who possibly needed it and welcomes people paying for the guide what feels and is right energetically for them at this time.

Build Your Biz + Blog With Love’ is a beautiful and loving guide to inspire you to start or take the next step in your entrepreneurial dream and at Julie’s website she also has a FREE download of ‘101 Tips to Live Your Most Real, True and Beautiful Life.’ A gorgeous combo of self-love mojo straight to your inbox.
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