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Brandy Glows

The day I felt the pull to become a pastor, I nearly crashed my car. Me? A woman? Who had a baby out of wedlock? Who spent a night in jail?

God must be tripping.

I hemmed and hawed. Prayed and cried. Recognizing immediately how bad I wanted it. How deeply I longed to reach out to people with hope and love and joy. Too much, I thought, for it to be true. That was almost six years ago. Since then, I’ve learned a few things.

I learned that God is a feminist. That everyone makes mistakes. And mine aren’t all that unique. But healing is always remarkable. And redemption is not just possible—but probable—God is rooting for us. I’ve learned that prayer can be rebellion. And rebellion can be a spiritual discipline.

I’ve learned that our dreams are holy.

These lessons have led me to create the New Shalom Sessions. Leading women to take the lead.

A New Shalom Session is where entrepreneurship meets feminism and they dine with spirituality. Two parts inspired brainstorming, one part concrete action steps, and one part prayerful blessing, you will walk away from this all-day retreat-style consultation with a renewed sense of purpose. The inner blocks cleared, you’ll be ready to slay your dragons and change the world the way only you can.

Are you itching to write your memoir? Aching to take the steps toward your own TED Talk? Are you stuck with a script in your head that isn’t working anymore? I want to help you take your dreams to the next level. And I believe with all my heart that can be a holy process.

I am currently scheduling sessions until the end of 2013. There are 10 spots left. The summer sessions filled up in less than a week, so if this feels like exactly what you’ve been looking for, you can go here get all of the details and book your New Shalom Session today.

Oh! I’m Brandy, bytheway. A little about me :: I gave birth in my living room – on purpose. I got a degree in sociology while I was still a single mom. My husband is my favorite feminist. Sometimes, I rap. I’m possibly the biggest Rob Bell fan ever. I’m about to dye my hair purple. And I make a mean cheesecake. If you would like to know more about me, check out my bio here. You can also find me on Twitter, Facebook, or my blog, where I glow.



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