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Brandi Reynolds : The Adventurous Heart

Do you want a remarkable life? One filled to the brim with meaningful and colorful experiences? One rich and deep and fulfilling?

So does Brandi Reynolds. Brandi woke up one day, still recovering from jet lag and realized her best self, her biggest realizations and her happiest moments were when she was having adventures. She decided to take a year of her life to really diving into the heart space and mindset of adventure, vowing to bring that energy to every day and every experience of her life.

She wanted to know what it truly meant to have a life of adventure and she shares her learnings on her blog: The Adventurous Heart.

Brandi takes you along on her journeys, both internal and out in the wide world, ones that involve plane tickets and ones around the corner with her down to earth wit, easy going prose, beautiful photographs and a big galoot named Shilo, who is her adventure muse.

She aims not only to create a life of adventure for herself but to inspire others to create more remarkable experiences in their lives as well.
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