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The Blog Shop

Backlogged on blogging? Want to get a bunch of new posts written to roll out over the new year?

“Firefly Creative Writing” is back with a workshop specifically designed for people who want to blog, need to blog, intend to blog, but just don’t seem to get around to blogging. It is specifically designed for entrepreneurs, and small-business owners, and anyone who wants to take the big leap of expressing their hearts online.

The workshop includes:

– A one-day online workshop on January 19th, 10-4:30 EST.

– A real-life “Studio Kit” to create a writing sanctuary in your home. (And yes, this includes chocolate.)

– An workbook to keep you writing.

– Three audio workshops to get you unstuck anytime.

– Strategy about building your blogging community and increasing readership.

– A community of bloggers who you can continue to share network with.

– Meaningful feedback on several of your blog posts.

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