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Big Sparkly Life
Are you ready to life your Big Sparkly life?! A life you love. A life where you you shine. It’s the life where you get to express yourself loudly, proudly and with glitter. It’s where you are getting to live just as you knew you could.You create and live your masterpiece…the business, the creativity, to expression of who you know yourself to be!

Laurel and Jo Anna created Big Sparkly Life to help folks, you guessed it…live the
biggest, best, sparkliest life they could. We offer themed coaching groups and classes designed to bring forth the dream that you hold in your heart.

Living Your Big Creative Dream Coaching Group will guide you as you embrace and manifest the creative dreams that lives in your heart.

Big Bold Mystical You Coaching Group is here to help you step forward into spiritual leadership shine as a healer, guide, spiritual rockstar!

You Can Save the World Coaching Group is designed to help you step into the role of social visionary and guide you to create and implement a service project that speaks to how you want to show up in the world.

Big Sparkly Life comes from the hearts and souls of Laurel and Jo Anna. They are pretty much two of the most delightful women you are going to meet around these parts (or any parts really!) They are masterful intuits, coaches, healers and spiritual teachers who will expertly guide you step by step toward your goals The best part: You will have an awesome time in the process.

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