Sponsor Love : Awakening Sacred Flow with Marjory Mejia

Space Revolution Sessions
with Marjory Mejia

I am interested in revealing your radiance. My Space Revolution Sessions are one-on-one virtual sessions designed to turn your space into a sanctuary of connection, expression and renewal. Express your essence, one space at a time: at home, in your office, and in your community.

My name is Marjory Mejia, I am a designer, poetic writer and healing artist dedicated to Awakening Sacred Flow! I blend my knowledge of architecture, interior, landscape and urban design with shamanic wisdom & ancient feng shui principles that honor the earth and help creatives like you connect to self, spirit and space.

Here is some praise for my work:

Marjory has a sense of style that blends simplicity and elegance in all that she does. I’ve watched her transform spaces and people by contacting the spirit within and moving energy and objects in a way that releases emotions and stirs creativity. A consultation with Marjory is sure to reveal hidden blessings and to produce long-lasting results.
~ Luisah Teish, Priestess & Author of Jambalaya

Learn more about spatial healing, shamanic artistry & the connection between self, spirit & space at MarjoryMejia.com. You can read about my artistic philosophy in my gallery and visit my writings page for a weekly dose of inspiration. Nourish & revitalize your soul with this beautiful gift when you subscribe to my list: The Poetics of the Bathroom as Sacred Space essay + worksheet. Let your home become a symbol of love!

Website / Facebook / Twitter : @sacredflow
E-mail: marjory@marjorymejia.com


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