Sponsor Love: Art Therapy!

Hey Beautiful People, I’m Debbie Tawhai, a Creatologist, and a Light Worker, who uses Art Therapy and Psychology to create the Art Therapy Bootcamp online programs, eBooks and therapeutic picture cards.

I especially love it when I find like-minded souls, looking to bring creativity, self-healing and balance back into their lives.
Are you feeling a little tired, burned out, fatigued, or unsure of the future? I’ve been there too, dear one! Do you need some guidance, love and self-care? We all do!

Have you thought of using Art Therapy to clarify the situation?

It focuses on both the positives, and the challenges, to heal and nurture. It only takes 60 minutes, once a week.

Sign up and follow my easy online “Nine Week Art Therapy Program” developed with healing in mind. This amazing program includes a printed deck of nine Art Therapy picture cards and an accompanying 22 page e-workbook to get YOU started. And it may just be the best thing you do for yourself all year, sweet one!

Each card has a theme to work with each week. The e-workbook works alongside the cards, providing prompts to get the thinking process into action. With space to journal, the e-workbook becomes a “living document” showing how you are progressing. Themes in Series One include: Birth, My Happy Place, Sorrow, Stress Buster, Emotions, Energy, Obstacles, Dreams and Nourishment.

artistic skills are needed, no fancy art materials are required, and contrary to belief, anyone can create an image using Art Therapy.

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