Sponsor Love : The Art of Living Cheerfully

The Art of Living Cheerfully
by Madelyn Mulvaney
Living a happy, loving, impassioned and creative life!

For a most fabulous helping of sunny side up happiness, I have created The Art of Living Cheerfully. The Art of Living Cheerfully is a lighthearted online course designed to uplift your spirits by showcasing how joy combined with love and artistic self expression is the soul of happiness.

We will explore personal definitions of happiness in a seven week class by leaping into the following…

  • learning how to live a creative, extraordinary, impassioned and happier life
  • awaken our artistic natures by realizing creativity extends beyond our art
    into the very way we live our daily life
  • leap into the art of the self portrait through simple photography
  • storyboard our photos into a vision of daring to imagine a more vibrant life
  • rejuvenate studios and living spaces
  • invigorate our bodies, mind and spirit by learning healthful ways of living through food, meditation, and exercise
  • blaze new trails of self expression by celebrating what makes us special
    and beautifully unique

The Art of Living Cheerfully encourages you to greet each new day with delight, realizing that the characteristics of our nature are far more important than life circumstances.

I will also share creative links, music, journal prompts, photography, recipes and delightful enthusiasms in a daily ‘happy email’ greeting you each morning five days a week throughout the course.

What’s not to love about that?

The next session starts Sunday, May 16 and runs for seven weeks! Register here.

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Heaps of gratitude & love for sponsoring KOM Madelyn!


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