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So often, we tend to forget our own beauty and magnificence. There’s so much out there that sends us the message that we’re just not enough. Over time, these messages become beliefs that we carry within our heart. I know this because it was my reality for so long. I would like to share a bit about my own journey with you…

Our vision through Ananda Soul Creations is to remind you of your true essence, helping you to feel beautiful, worthy, and amazing – and to LOVE yourself exactly the way you are.

Every Ananda Soul Creation is full of loving energy, made from natural, high quality, ethically derived materials. We use the finest precious and semi-precious healing gemstones, Sterling Silver, and 22kt Gold Vermeil to bring you a piece of beauty to carry with you every day. Each piece is hand made on the mystical island of Bali and blessed by a Balinese priest during a special sacred ceremony.

When we begin to feel our own beauty and light, we are able to radiate that out into the world, inspiring others to recognize the same within themselves. It is with this intention that we began working closely with The Safe Childhoods Foundation in Bali, supporting under-privileged women and children, providing education and skills to empower them to live more fulfilling lives.

We invite you to sign up for our newsletter to find out more about our charity projects, latest designs, giveaways, and inspirations. To have a look at our collection or read more about Ananda Soul Creations, visit www.anandasoulcreations.com. We’re also on Facebook at AnandaSoulCreations.

“May these special pieces of jewelry bring you the strength to reach for your dreams, the courage to face your shadows, and the wisdom to see and embrace the beauty and light within you. May they serve as reminders that it all resides inside of you. You are a miracle!”

With love and gratitude,
Christina Zipperlen


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