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Ananda Designs Jewelry

At Ananda Designs we strive to empower women through our ethical jewelry. It may sound like a bold claim but we set this intention in motion before the jewelry is even created.

The founder and designer of Ananda Designs, Christina Zipperlen, has followed the path of Yoga for the past 10 years. She applies the key yogic principles for a conscious life (such as non-violence, truthfulness and non-hoarding) in the business as well as her personal life. This involves commitments such as using recycled materials wherever possible, creating high quality pieces that women can keep for many years and making sure that each worker has good working conditions and gets paid a fair salary. It is our belief the energy of these positive principles are carried through to touch and inspire the women that wear our jewelry.

Each piece of jewelry is hand-crafted with love in Bali with specific purposes and healing effects for the wearer. We use recycled sterling silver, 18kt gold vermeil and high quality healing crystals that are cleansed and blessed by a Balinese priest. Our jewelry helps balance the energy centres in our bodies known as “chakras”, which in turn strengthen certain aspects of our lives and personalities. For example, we have collections which assist in bringing forth ‘Detox and Healing’, ‘Love and Joy’, ‘Confidence’, ‘Truth and Protection’, ‘Goddess Power’ and ‘Balance and Harmony’. As well as the “functional” aspect of the jewelry, we place equal importance on its aesthetic elegance, designing pieces that serve to enhance the natural beauty and unique qualities of the woman wearing it.

You have no doubt heard the saying that “it is in giving that we receive”, and in alignment with this principle of cyclical flow the company is very closely linked with several charity initiatives. 10% of all profits are donated to the Sacred Childhoods Foundation, an organization that seeks to stop child-trafficking, sadly a growing problem in Indonesia. We also have a ‘Senang’ workshop (“senang” means happy in Indonesian) where mothers from the slums are taught to make our jewelry so that they can support their families and break the cycle of begging and sale of their children into the sex trade.

So at Ananda Designs we see our jewelry as more than just “accessories”. We believe that it enables the women that wear our pieces to embody positive values to help create a better world, to support under-privileged women and children, to increase the well-being and balance in their lives and last, but certainly not least, to have a lens through which they can radiate their inner light and beauty for all to share.
And that we believe is the true expression of an empowered woman!

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