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I decided to start Ambitiously Zen because I want to help people merge a successful, high achieving lifestyle with self care and wellness.

I used to think that there were the type A, driven, ambitious people and then there were the fun loving, carefree, happy “hippy” types that had time to meditate, do yoga and eat salad. I did not consider myself to be that type of person nor did I feel that I had the time to be. It wasn’t until my busy, stressful lifestyle began to take a toll on me and ruin my health that I realized that I needed a little more of the latter in my life.

The way that I help my clients is by supporting them to set goals and to find ways to take better care of themselves, to live full lives that increase their happiness, their wellness and their professional success. I help people to be successful in all areas of their lives.

It is so easy to become focused only on professional and material success in our world.

I come from a background of coaching people with developmental disabilities and traumatic brain injury to set and achieve goals to increase their independence and quality of life. I enjoyed that job so much that it inspired me to expand my coaching into my own business. I love helping people to reach their goals and have the life they want. I offer individual sessions as well as a membership style pay structure. I am always open to building customizable coaching packages for people. I am currently working on putting together an e-course on simple ways to build in “zen” time into a busy lifestyle. I live in the Northern Colorado area but am willing to work with people over the phone or through Skype.

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