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Hi! I am an artist/designer for web + print, as well as a student of yoga + life, living in the fullness of the four seasons of Central New York. My heart loves letterpress + printmaking – I have dreams to one day own my own press named Bessie (the perfect mix of design, creativity, moving parts and technical stuff (inner nerd) + diving in and gettin’ dirty !)

I started advo.kate as a way to keep tabs on a collection of things that bring me joy (…’cause let’s be honest… it’s not always easy to find, but it seems like that’s all all of us are really looking for, ya?) including art, design, yoga, inspirations, advocacy, and anything else I happen to find beautiful, fun or gives voice/light to things near + dear to me. Things that I find especially important are equality + empowerment… for all of us (animals too!). Not in an angry ‘F-All-Y’all’ kind of way, but more in a … let’s just all appreciate/respect/understand (and if it’s not to much to ask even like??) one another. I believe every being has something to contribute – no matter the gender, identity, orientation, values, dreams, life situation – no more or less important than the next, and get extra excited to see creative minds at work for similar causes.

I try to use my blog as a way to connect + share as well a starting (leaping!) point for my own creative beginnings and work. There’s so much inspiration out there and I want to do my best to share it with others + shine light back on it’s sources.

From this sprang advo.kate design on Etsy – my teeny little shop dedicated to creating and providing art + greetings that promote ‘equal opportunity’ love as well as empowering art and images. I’ve always been an artist, but the paper products have become a new venture for me and I hope to continue to grow and evolve in designs that bring a new meaning to what it is to and how we celebrate individuality + love.

So welcome friends – new + old, I’m so happy to have you ! Now let’s go get inspired – woo !

Lots of love to you, Kate

ps – why don’t we be friends ?

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