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30 Days to Light
a journey of self discovery, healing and self awareness

My Story: Hi my name is Danielle. One of the best, boldest, scariest decisions I ever made was to become a mother. I love (almost) every minute of it. When the fate of my marriage took a turn and made a left instead of a right I found myself with 2 babies under 2. A year later we physically separated and I found myself 750 miles away from my home. My life was a mess. I had no job, no money, and no clue as to how I was going to pick up the pieces of my broken family, my broken dreams and my broken Self. I spent a year mourning, crying, healing and soul searching. I discovered gems and gifts within this excruciating pain and fearful future. I breathe new life into my own and have built a business on nothing except my determination and desire to live out my soul’s purpose. I learned so much about who I am and who I am not, what I want and what I don’t and what I deserve. I discovered that I am the ultimate creator of my life and now was the time to start creating! I now coach others to create their lives and I love every minute of fulfilling my desire of my dreams.

This is who I am: A single mama of 2 beautiful jumping beans, a Holistic Health and Lifestyle Coach, Certified Yoga Instructor, a Reiki Master Healer and Teacher and owner of Just Be Health and Wellness. I am the creator of the 30 Day take home program 30 Days to Light ™. It is a program based on self discovery, healing and self awareness. It is a mind, body and soul experience through journaling, exercises, and action steps that will help you get unstuck and moving in the direction of the life you want to create the life you deserve. By committing to this powerful and life transforming program you can create the career that you dream about, the health and body you long for and the deep and meaningful, supportive and inspiring relationships you crave. You can have it all!

I have this dream that if each of us loved ourselves and were allowed to be BIG in our own lives then we could support one another on each other’s journey to be BIG. We could be uplifting, inspiring, encouraging (which is really when others lend you some courage until you uncover your own), we would be happier, friendlier, healthier and LIGHTER and we would raise the vibration of everything and everyone around us. I want to help create a better world by helping you create the body and health that you deserve, the career that you dream about, the relationships you desire and the whatever else it is you want, (yes even the Range Rover and beach house!). It all starts in the same place within you. If you have been looking outside of yourself it’s time to slow down and journey inward and because I have been on my own journey of healing and self discovery I know we all need support. This program was developed to support you.

Just Be Health and Wellness is the name of the space that I created to offer support with one on one private coaching and programs to support spiritually minded women (and some men) to get unstuck, get out of your own way and remove blocks that are holding you back that leave you feeling undervalued, unworthy or not enough to move forward in health, money and success feeling empowered, confident and joyful because you are creating what you truly want. It’s about renewing and reclaiming who you are in what I call unselfish love; putting yourself first because any other way leaves you depleted and exhausted. I want you to jump out of bed in the morning claiming your day, excited and grateful for the possibilities that lie ahead.

Please come by and visit me anytime, we all have many stories this is just one of mine. Cheers to your lightness!


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