Spinning My Story : Swimming in Love & Gratitude

Joel & I woke this morning at 5:30am, this isn’t the norm for him, but I rolled out of bed got him breakfast, got Zenin ready & saw him off to school. We drive him, usually Kurt, he gets some alone time, reading at Starbucks or running errands while waiting to pick him back up. Joel was acting tired after they left, so I walked him down & looked at his 5:30 wake-up as a blessing.

As you will hear in the video, I am doing a video collaboration with Tara Wagner from The Organic Sister next week, so I thought how perfect it worked out that Joel was sleeping & the house was quiet. I set up the camera, sat down to record & all I could think about was the comments that you left on yesterday’s giveaway. I really didn’t prepare myself for the outpouring of love, to hear your stories of how KOM has changed some of you, why you come here… I wanted to talk about that in the video that I was doing for the collaboration, it started out that way but didn’t end that way. I recorded two separate videos instead, one for today & one for next Thursday. I was more than a wee bit nervous (brain blanking out/excessive usage of the word awesome & um = proof) & I am still nervous but I am embracing that & loving my perfectly imperfect self.

I want to give a big loving shout out to Bern at YourGreatLifeTV.com, I didn’t see his post about me & Kind Over Matter until after I recorded this. Thank you Bern, you truly are a change maker, know that you inspired me to drop my ego & put my self out there because you are so damn good at it. I am blessed to have you in my life.

I’m blessed to have all of you in my life. I’ve grown so much spiritually over the last year because of you, all of you, readers, guest posters & sponsors alike.

There’s so much truth in the statement: You teach what you are learning.

Thank you, I love you,

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