Spinning My Story : Playing with Life

Play has been a huge part of my life, even before I was blessed with my boys. I’ve applied Play not only to my relationships but to my creativity. I use Play as a tool. Over the years I’ve unlocked different levels of my creativity by Playing. By Playing with paint or paper, creating poetry, entertaining myself with graphic & web design. Since having my children though, their creativity stretches mine in a way nothing else really can. Not only do they energize my creativity but Playing keeps our lives joyful.

The above video is one of the first stop motions I ever created, it is the direct result of me opening up iMovie & just Playing with it, teaching myself how to use it. I posted it today to give you a sense of what I mean by Play in both respects & to also redirect you over to my guest post on my friend Darrah Parker’s beautiful blog. I am honored that she asked me to take part in her My Slice of Life series. Her e-course, The Slice of Life Project, opened so many doors for me, it was such a rich & love-filled experience.

Please, head on over to her space to see My Slice of Life photo collage where I dive into how I see play & the importance of it:

Playing with Life
Heaps of Gratitude & Love to you Darrah, I’m so blessed to have you in my life.

My e-course | Be Gentle, Be Love : 30 Days of Cultivating Your Virtues with Creativity | is always open for registration. Unfold your story & create meaningful, life-shifting art.

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