Spinning My Story : Meet My Loved Ones & Tell Me About Yours

keychain by Always a Memory – photo by Amanda Oaks (me!)

Hi Lovelies! Can I just start this off by pouring heaps upon heaps of Gratitude & Love on you? The support that you’ve shown me these last few months has been so amazing, awesome, sweet, heartfelt, humbling, mind-blowing, loving, the list could go on for miles. I am honored by your visits every day, by your warm words of encouragement & appreciation for what I do here. I love what I do. Please know that KOM is my place to come too, if I need a quick pick-me-up, thinking up posts, finding quotes, it all helps me too, so Thank You-Thank You for making it all worth while.

I wanted to start this series of posts because something happened to me in the blogosphere yesterday that enhanced my life more than I know right now. I’m not going to get into it in this post, I’m going to save it for another time but the matter of it is this: I was able to connect with someone that I can relate to on a very deep & profound level. We are going through something very similar & connecting with her, I think, is going to be intensely beneficial for the both of us.

I realize that I don’t talk much of my personal life here on the blog but… I want to start. I want to share bits of my story with you from time to time, while giving you the chance to share bits of yours. This is an attempt to amplify the community here on KOM because the vibe that we are sending out into the world is resounding. Know this.

So, Hi, I’m Amanda, I live in Western Pennsylvania & this is my little & loving family of boys:

I’m a partner to my best friend & love of my life, Kurt & a mama to 2 beautiful boys. Zenin (pronounced Zen-in), who is 3 years old & Joel, who is 9 months old. I shot & edited the above video 5 months ago, so you can only imagine how much my little guys have grown since but this video represents & shows you what my life is like on some level, outside of the blog. My mom & dad make an appearance in the video, Kurt is present, acting a little silly. (My thrifted & a tad-on-the-tattered-side love seat, that we recently replaced, thank goodness & much to Kurt’s dismay, is in there too!)

I’m going to be sharing my life in bits throughout this series & asking you to do the same, so it doesn’t get overwhelming for any of us. I want to do this because maybe by exploring the comments you will find someone, like I did yesterday, that will enrich your life.

I’m in the middle of revamping the comment platform used here on KOM, to make it a little more community friendly, but in the meantime, please:

Introduce yourself in the comments, tell us where you live, tell us a little about your loved ones. Share your blog links! If you use Twitter, Facebook or Flickr, share those links too!

Here is a list that you can follow on twitter w/ everyone that comments with their twitter handle : KOM’s Twitter Community!

Here are mine:

Twitter : @kindovermatter
Flickr : flickr.com/photos/prettyfnmess

Looking forward to reading your comments! Don’t be shy!

Big Love & Peace to you always,

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