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Spin Your Story guest post by Abigail Amalton.

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I hit rock bottom in 2009. They say that when you reach the bottom, you find only one thing – a reason to go up. Whoever “they” are, I have to agree. What I found there was this question:

What is life for?

If life was not what I had been conditioned to believe it was for (hard work, suffering, endless penance), then what exactly was it?

The first time I verbalized this question, I was ridiculed. Though it stung, the reactions of those around me didn’t stop me from realizing the importance of asking this question. Many plod through life faking it – they never question if life can be anything apart from the culturally-defined boundaries set in early life. Anything outside of these boundaries is deemed anathema, or worse – impossible.

Asking this question was my first step in disengaging from the basic set of conventionally-held assumptions that constitute socialization. It was my first real break from conditioning. It was one of the first few manifestations of my authentic voice – silenced by so many years of coerced socialization in the repressive nation I grew up in.

I knew that the remarkably complex miracle that we so commonly refer to as human life simply could not be defined by the common soul-sucking routine of meaningless work, subservience to the state and the constant denial of pleasure. I was absolutely certain that this sort of behavior did not lend any dignity to the miracle of life. I instinctively knew I was right, at least in knowing what life was not.

So, since I knew what life clearly was not, how could I begin to define it? What was life for?

Photo by silentinfinite.com
Two years on, I can answer that question pretty easily: life is for whatever purpose you choose.

Personally, I am in awe of the grand scale (both macro and micro) on which the universe functions. I am even more fascinated and inspired by the fact that we, as human beings, have some part to play in this. My life is for the full realization of this fact: that we are the universe observing and experiencing itself. What gives my life meaning is a conscious self-awareness of being. If we are the universe, then what is our true potential? Thoughts like these drive me. Thinking about life makes me feel alive. I’ve decided that my life is also for the fulfillment of my personal potential. As an artist, I bring worlds into being. My life is for the constant refinement of my vision.

Unlike my previous social conditioning which kept me subservient and disempowered, these thoughts invigorate me. They pull me deeper into myself and farther out into the world. They move me in a way that brings joy and often, bliss. They awaken in me the beautiful mystery of being.

I want to invite you to break from convention. To claim your own definition of life for yourself. To decide what you want to contribute to this universe and what you want to receive. And if you’ve already done all this, I’d love to know:

What is life, for you?

Abigail moved to New York City from the other side of the planet to pursue her dreams (which have since become less elusive). She creates art that expresses the beauty of simply being at The Silent Infinite and blogs at Regenerate. Through her work, she hopes to reaffirm the connection between the individual human being and the greater universe. In her free time, she finds herself equally inspired by things like Star Trek and Skinny Puppy.

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