Spin Your Story : Transform Your Life One Bath at a Time

Spin Your Story guest post by Ritama Haaga, The Bath Tub Diva.

Transform Your Life One Bath at a Time

All my life I’ve enjoyed splashing around in a bath tub, but it wasn’t until a few years ago that my tub turned into a sanctuary and one of the “safest” places for me to be. I had a break-up with a boyfriend and was struggling, a lot. I retreated to the bath tub and it helped me get through a difficult time with my heart intact.

At first, the tub was the perfect place to boo-hoo and process what was happening – warm water is great for relaxing and opening up. But then what had started out as a difficult time turned into an amazing opportunity for reflection and discovery. Who knew that my little run of the mill porcelain tub would became a vehicle for transformation?

Eventually the crisis passed and I returned to life with a sense of renewal, restoration and contentment, in large part because of the time I spent in the bath. Even though that relationship ended, a deeper relationship with my bath tub began and has been one of my most successful relationships ever!

Since I was spending so much time in the tub I began investigating how to make my bath time even more wonderful. I tried out a variety of bath salts, bubbles, bath bombs, loofas and soaps – poor me, all that R&D… I delved into aromatherapy, reflexology, meditation, affirmations and visualizing. Of course, all this was just a very clever way for me to “justify” spending even more time in the tub!

When some of my friends told me they took 10 minute baths or thought baths were “boring”, I was astonished! I wanted to share the things that I do in the tub and the reasons I am never bored with bathing. Because for me, being in the tub is an important place for spiritual connection and gives me space to reintegrate and check in with myself.

Baths tend to bring out elemental feelings of warmth and safety. We lived in water for nine months, our bodies remember that.

So, in my “tubbin’ research” here’s what I’ve found out, so far, about creating a sanctuary and refuge in the bathroom:

  • Being kind to yourself is important! One of the easiest ways to do that is to take a bubble bath. All you need is about an hour and a bath tub. And you don’t have to “justify” it – ever.
  • Leave any and all ruckus outside the bathroom door! That includes books, magazine, laptops, TV, monkeys, etc…Quiet music is fine, just don’t fall into distraction – your own sweet self is enough to entertain you!
  • Bubbles, bubbles, bubbles! Bubbles add a transcendent feeling (and more fun!) to any bath, perhaps because being surrounded by bubbles feels like sitting in the clouds, luxurious, fluffy and light. And you can make a bubble mustache too.
  • Light a candle.
  • Add Epsom salts to every bath. Epsom salts contain magnesium and your skin absorbs it through the bath water. Magnesium is important for serotonin production and serotonin contributes to feelings of well-being and relaxation.
  • Massage your feet, then work your way up and massage the rest of your body in a loving way. Often we don’t get touched enough, so, do it yourself! Take your time.
  • Check in and see if there is anything you want to “work on”, and if so, move in that direction. Yes, you have permission to talk out loud to yourself in the tub. Just be nice, ok? No critics are allowed in the tub!
  • Affirmations. Say some soothing words to yourself like: “I am beautiful and worthy”. It’s true y’know, you are. Repeat it over and over like a mantra. Let it sink in.
  • Meditation. Watch your breath, stare quietly at the candle flame, let go of attachment to the thoughts wandering by. Be still and quiet. Listen to the bubbles.
  • Practice appreciation and gratitude. It’s easy in a bubble bath because, #1, you are IN a bubble bath! With hot water! And bath salts! And a candle! I’m feeling grateful just thinking about it. You get the idea…
  • Have no qualms about wearing a bauble encrusted tiara or sharing the water with a few rubber ducks – not taking oneself so damn seriously is the way to bliss and freedom.

Rediscover yourself and all your radiant, bubbling beauty, in the simplicity of a bubble bath. And that, my friend, is how you can transform your life one bath at a time.

Ritama writes for The Bath Tub Diva blog and truly believes that you can transform your life one bath at a time! She’s living proof of that claim and loves to share bath tub recipes and insights on creating new rituals in bathing that will bring more joy and peace to your life.

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