Spin Your Story : Pieces of the Puzzle

Spin Your Story guest post by Hannah Marcotti.

Pieces of the Puzzle

My gorgeous and five year old boy has a knack for puzzles, which became clear around age three. Discovering his ability to see how the pieces fit together, his puzzles became full of smaller pieces and increasing in difficulty. He struggles with what to do with himself much of the time as his body is growing and his mind is tangling around that growth. When sitting with a puzzle his awkward feelings melt away and the pieces slip together with little trouble.

I often find myself inside the overwhelm of my own struggles. My tangle is around the growth of myself as a woman, a mother, a business owner, a writer, a coach, a wife; each piece looks to fit inside of the other. I am a nurturer, an introvert, a believer in love. How do I match those pieces to the pieces of my impatience, my need to be seen and heard, and my often stubborn attitude?

He gets it from his father. That is what I would say about my little guy’s ability to fit those tiny pieces together, while I am in the kitchen creating a new meal or blending up a green smoothie, hoping he won’t need my help. Tiny puzzles make my eyes hurt. The puzzle of my overwhelm inside the growth of myself as a woman, and the journey that each woman takes, that is the one I get excited about. Looking inside the overwhelm I can see the pieces that want to connect and yet, through the resistance, lay piled up. Many of those pieces become lost (self-care, home-cooked meals, moving our bodies, dancing just because) and we have holes where a piece should be.

Our puzzle as women, often living inside overwhelm, is magical because the edges of each piece are flexible and flowing. When we stop looking at our life within rules, control and shoulds, that magic starts to show up. The pieces no longer have to fit in just one spot, they get to move around and wiggle into new spots and beautiful new pieces show up when we are in that rhythm of allowing. I like to say that greens will change our lives. This is because those greens bring forth magic and start flowing into the other pieces of our beings without struggle. Chocolate can show up in the form of home-made, pure ingredient delights and the green foundation glows through you; this is magic.

I imagine my puzzle is shaped like a spiral, limitless and flowing. The times of deep struggle, the voice in my head trying to keep me from my joy and the need for excuses gaining strength, all exist within that spiral. They exist beside seeking support, asking for help and the drive to keep moving forward. Expansion of joy and passion exists within the overwhelm. Not in-spite of it.

Remember that magic and flow of allowing? I see it on the funny faces my son makes as he puts each piece of his puzzles into place. I feel it inside each time I do one thing to keep my household moving forward or sit and watch the kids play. It comes when we allow the fight to melt away. It is there, always a part of our puzzle.

Hannah Marcotti is coach, mama, passionate woman and writer. You can find her guiding your course to the gorgeous life on hannahmarcotti.com.

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