Spin Your Story : Pain & Purpose

Guest post by Michelle of Wicked Whimsy.

We are constantly told that great art requires great pain. The popular mythology around famous, respected authors, writers, and creatives of all stripes portrays them as depressed, suffering, and unhappy. The message is that, of course, to be famous or respected or good at your art, you have to be these things as well.

We internalize these messages, and decide that things must be painful to be great. We actually make things more difficult than necessary. And if something comes easily to us, we eye it with suspicion and then decide it must not be worth much. It’s not legit if you don’t work hard for it, right?

Which is totally the wrong approach to take, of course!

I realized this myself when one day, I stopped and thought about just how much time and effort I spent every single day, either kicking myself for failing, or kicking myself for not being better at one of my faults. It was, wow, quite a bit. How much time and effort would I save if instead of doing those things, I patted myself on the back for excelling at certain things…and let the rest go?

That also received a “wow, quite a bit”.

Let go of the idea that something has to be hard for it to be worthwhile. Let go of the whole concept of “legit” because it rarely does anyone any favors. Let go of the suffering artist myth. Don’t work excessively hard to be better at something you’re bad at – work at being better at something you’re already amazing at. Sit with the idea that things can and will be easy, if you just let them. And see how that can change your life.

Michelle is a rainbow haired writer, blogger, and all around creative maven, living in Austin, TX. She blogs about creating the life you want and deserve at Wicked Whimsy.

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