Spin Your Story : The Journey of Music

Guest post by Laurainne Marshall.

Heart by Dragan*
Heart by Dragan*
The Journey of Music

I am lucky to say that my nearly 41 years on the earth have given me many things to be grateful for. One of the these things is my music.

As a young child growing up in Sri Lanka, I yearned for music. Often seen running through the tea plantations performing various skits, I loved to have people watch as I twirled my way through my songs.

My parents always supported me and while I was performing in seedy pubs at the age of 17, they were often seen in the audience.

But at the age of 18, I experienced the bitter sweet. My Dad had a massive heart attack at the same time as me being offered a recording contract with a major record publisher. We were never hugely well off, so this meant I had to support my family and give this part of the dream up and work so I could help keep the house afloat.

I always thought that this was the golden opportunity I had given up, but I know realise that instead this was only a part of my journey.

I then gave up my music to adopt a more stable lifestyle, and during this time met my soul mate and had 2 beautiful children.

As I continued my life, I realised that I was missing something. And soon became bitter. So at the age of 38 and now a more voluptuous size 18 I took the stage. So many people told me I couldn’t, and constantly questioned me, were my children happy with the fact that their mother was on stage singing rock songs, did I really think I could match it with those gorgeous size 8’s. After many many months of constant struggling with myself I soon realised that yes I could do it. The kindness and generous words from my true friends and family meant that I could follow this through.

Dreams are so hard to follow when you have obstacles placed in your path, and for me I am now back doing what I love the most, sharing my music with others. I also realised that it was me that was placing most of the obstacles in my path, I needed to free my mind and spirit to realise that I could do anything.

The most important thing I realised is that I didn’t need a recording contract to be happy, I just needed to be doing what I loved the most. To see the joy I am able to bring to those in an audience makes me feel humble and blessed that I have been given the ultimate golden opportunity. To be able to stand on the stage with people I call my closest friends is an honour.

Music will always be my life and I am proud to say that my daughter now walks in my foot steps. Her love of music and that look in her eye when she performs is truly priceless and make turning down any recording contract worthwhile.

Laurainne Marshall is a 40 year old mum, teacher and muso who believes that life is what you make of it. Her Motto “Grab life and then run as fast as you can”, she lives in Sydney and is married to her soul mate of 20 years with 2 beautiful children.

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